Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t Nhu Quynh have an official site?

A: Even though Nhu Quynh is overwhelmed with her tour schedule, she is currently working with a designer to put together her official website. We do not know when the site will be done but you all will be the first to know when we hear from her. She does not want to launch an official site if she does not have enough time to spend on it – since she wants to keep her fans in touch with her daily if and when her site is done.

Q: Does Nhu Quynh ever come on line to chat with her fans?

A: Yes. She has came online to chat numerous times. Recently she’s pretty tied up with her tour all over the world and haven’t been able to chat with her fans online, but she has promised to find some time for her fans online soon. We will announce the date and time to all her fans, when the time comes.

Q: Does Nhu Quynh ever visits NQ Starlight?

A: Yes. She visits occassionally to view photos taken from her fans as well as check out feedbacks of new products. She did post messages in the forum “twice”, but since we lost the database of that forum we can’t show you those thread. :-(

Q: Where can I buy Nhu Quynh CDs, DVDs, or Videos?

A: The most convenient place is at your local music/video stores. If there aren’t any Vietnamese stores in your area, try ordering online. For fans living in Vietnam, currently the only way to get these products are to have relatives living abroad bring them back.

For fans living in Europe, you can get faster shipment (usually in a day or two) by ordering at:
# http://www.thuynga.fr

# Here are a list of good sites to order online if you are from the US: Thuy Nga – www.thuyngaonline.com
# Rang Dong – www.rangdong.com
# Saigon CD – www.saigoncd.com

Q: Is Nhu Quynh married?

A: No. There have been many rumours in the entertainment world about her private life and it’s up to you to judge before you believe. Currently she is not married, though we all know she has to someday – that’s just life. Though not married, she does have a person of interest.

Q: What’s Nhu Quynh’s E-mail Address? Can I send a message to Nhu Quynh?

A: Currently there’s no email address available. You can still send a message to Nhu Quynh by writing to her through Thuy Nga production. Be aware that due to her tight schedule and the mass number of fans, she might not be able to reply to you.

Thuy Nga
ATTN: Nhu Quynh
9295 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92583

Q: How can I get an autograph from Nhu Quynh?

A: NQ Starlight does have occassional contests where you could win autographs of Nhu Quynh, but besides that the only other way is to meet her at concerts and request her to sign for you. If you can’t attend concerts, you can always asks a friend or family to get one for you when they attend.

Q: I want to book Nhu Quynh for a concert, who do I contact?

A: We have received many emails concerning this, so hopefully by putting this information up it will solve the mystery. If you are serious about booking Nhu Quynh for a concert, you can email us at \n admin@nqstarlight.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a description of the event. We will try our best to help you contact Nhu Quynh’s booking representative.

Q: How come NQ Starlight doesn’t provide any music to download or to listen to?

A: There are already many websites on the net that allows you to listen to most of the songs sang by Nhu Quynh, we don’t think we need to duplicate them, plus by adding music, it reduces the site’s resources and might cause slowness of the site’s peformance. We want the fans to be able to access NQ Starlight at top speed, therefore we try to reduce all the details to enable speedy rendering. Here are a couple of sites you can visit to listen to Nhu Quynh music, if you know of better sites please email us at \n admin@nqstarlight.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

* Rang Dong – www.rangdong.com
* http://www.lich-mc.com/audio/vietnam/thaithanh/thaithanh.htm (you need to scroll down to the bottom for all audio of Nhu Quynh)

Q: What is the best way I can show support for Nhu Quynh?

A: As a fan, we feel that the best way to support Nhu Quynh is by purchasing her products to let the production she sings for know the selling numbers so they can keep on producing more products for Nhu Quynh. Of course that is for music product support. Just by visiting her fan site such as NQ Starlight, you’ve already shown support.

Q: When will Nhu Quynh go back to Vietnam to sing for her fans there?

A: Many fans from Vietnam have emailed us regarding this. Nhu Quynh have previously answered this question many times in her fan interviews. She knows and thanks the fans in Vietnam for their support, and hopefully someday she will have the chance to sing for her fans there.

Q: Why did we choose pink & white to be the dominant colors of our site?

A: Simply because Nhu Quynh’s favorite colors are pink & white and since we are a fan site, what better present to give to our favorite singer than to create a site with her favorite colors. Also because a tremendous number of fans wanted these colors when our site was being re-designed. We’re not afraid to be “pink”! Pink also represents “femininity” which associates with Nhu Quynh perfectly. (We occassionaly change colors for holiday themes)

Q: Are there any fake CDs of Nhu Quynh and what is the difference between the labels NQ Records and Nhu Quynh Entertainment?

A: Nhu Quynh used to sing for NQ Records but she no longer is a part of NQ Records company, her official CD label is now Nhu Quynh Entertainment. When purchasing her products, only buy those that are labeled Thuy Nga or Nhu Quynh Entertainment. Be cautious if you purchased products labeled NQ Records or Phuong Hoang since they might be re-mixes of pre-recorded songs when Nhu Quynh was still part of NQ Records. Here is a list of officially released CDs in which was approved by Nhu Quynh under NQ Records:

* Mot Doi Tim Nhau
* Em Van Hoai Yeu Anh
* Vong Tay Giu Tron An Tinh (single)
* Noi Voi Nguoi Tinh
* Noel Noel
* Trung Vuong & Ky Niem

All other CDs under NQ Records such as Thuyen Xa Ben Xua, The Dance Remixes, etc. are not official. Nhu Quynh has never worked with Phuong Hoang Productions so any releases from them that contains her songs are not legitimate. If this is confusing, just check the CDs under music albums. We only list those that are offical in our music cds list.

Q: Why did we decide to have Nhu Quynh Starlight?

A: Surely the fans who started the site wanted a place that provides as much information about Nhu Quynh as possible to her fans and a place where her fans can get together. Being a fan site means a lot, which means all her fans work on the site together and it’s dedicated to Nhu Quynh as a gift. It’s something we want to give to her as an appreciation, a token of love and admiration, to thank her for bringing such beautiful music into our lives.

Q: I have news, informations, or photos to share with Nhu Quynh’s fans, who do I send them to?

A: If you have any information we currently don’t have at NQ Starlight, please email us at \n admin@nqstarlight.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we could share it with all the fans.