NQ Starlight Site Credits

Our old domains were: and before that we were Though our domain name have changed, we are still the same NQ Starlight from the start.

Our site was passed on from fans to fans and have continued to support chi Nhu Quynh for many years. We would also like to thank the fans who started our site from the beginning. Our site was founded in 1999 and have remained Nhu Quynh’s top fan site.

We appreciate those who started a trend for us to follow even though we are not an official website, our heart and soul is devoted to bringing true fans to Nhu Quynh and providing a place call “home” for her fans on the internet.

Special Thanks To:

  • Chi Nhu Quynh & her family - for always contributing contest prizes for the fans, caring and taking time to answer her fans, and of course without chi Nhu Quynh our site wouldn’t exist.
  • Anh Pretender - who has moved on to bigger and better things but who has always been supportive of our site.
  • All the Fans – the most important people are the fans who visit our site to share their stories, participate in contests, and sometimes to lend a shoulder for other fans to cry on. Thank you all for being so supportive of chi Nhu Quynh and Nhu Quynh Starlight – through good times and bad times. We can’t thank you enough – to all those who’ve sent in pictures, articles, almost anything to help recover our site. We hope you will continue your support as we will be here to keep you informed with Nhu Quynh’s news.
  • Contributors to building NQ Starlight - thanks to everyone who have lend a helping hand to building and maintaining NQ Starlight (past and present): HuongViet, Quang Dinh, Toai, Quyen, Thai An, Huyen, Quynh Trang, Thuy Tien, Thu Nguyet, Bich Nhu, thuongveNQ, Khang Huy, Sao Bang, Hoa Trang, and many many others

All fundings for NQ Starlight is provided by the fans. In order to keep this site alive, we have been through the ups and downs but no matter what obstacles – we have made it through it all. Here’s to fan power!!